• Soft praline Baba brioche, filled with almond ice cream and a syphon of almond mousse, one of the restaurant's brilliant specialties: €9.50;
  • Bowl of delicious chocolate a heart of Lindor, white chocolate ganache, Criollo Cru-Madagascar fondant mousse and raspberry coulis for refinement: €9.50;
  • "Superb", a dessert with a great explosion of flavours, white chocolate mousse emulsified with goat yogurt, coconut milk and passion fruit, semi-liquid chantilly, blackberries and raspberries with a few delicate drops of their coulis, scattered with powder tonka beans: €9.50;
  • Delicate fresh wild forest strawberries, whose flavours are enriched by their own juice coulis and refined by small homemade meringues, enticing tufts of raw zabaglione and a scoop of fiordilatte icecream that will slowly melt in your mouth. €10.00.
  • Large version: semi-frozen white chocolate ganache filling and a fruits of the forest coulis centre, topped with raspberries and blackberries: €10.00 (macaroons are soft shells made from almond paste which are very famous in Paris);
  • A crispy and hot, freshly made Pastry lattice containing chocolate mousse and custard. Served with a scoop of chocolate ice cream, Cru-Trinidad chocolate, and drizzled with melted chocolate: €9.50;
    • Traditional Creole sundae, containing chestnut preserve, Tahitian vanilla ice cream, melted chocolate, wisps of chantilly, a hint of tonka beans and a scattering of cocoa nibs: €10.00;
    • Reinterpretation of the classic Nutella espresso tiramisu: €9.00;
    • Glazed puff pastry, freshly baked with apples, raisins and custard, topped with a scattering of roasted almonds: €9.50;
    • Giant sautéed cherries, served hot with a hint of black cherry juice and fiorfilatte ice cream that will deliciously melt in your mouth: €10.50;
    • Citrus fruit sorbet in our own baba, with a splash of Creole liquor (rum and orange peel): €10.00;
    • Vignola cherry sorbet: €8.50 (with a phial of cherry vodka from Caviar Kaspia in Paris: €12.00);
    • Fresh mango sorbet with a raspberry mousse and a yogurt sauce with a hint of orange and Acacia honey: €8.00;
    • A gluten's delight: fresh Tahitian vanilla ice cream sprinkled with Dark Passion chocolate liqueur: €10.00;
    • "Granny Smith" green apple sorbet with a Calvados from the Pays d'Auge, the heart of Normandy: €10.50;
    • Spectacular giant candied chestnuts from Piedmont, served with agricultural rum from Martinique to create a delicious and refined combination: €10.50 (small) - €12.50 (large).


    • Passito di Pantelleria [sweet dessert wine]: €4.00;
    • Moscato naturale di Pantelleria: €3.00;
    • Zibibbo (Sicily) €2.50;
    • Moscato (Sicily) €2.50;
    • Cocchi Barolo Chinato: €4.50;
    • Vieux Pineaudes Charentes: €4.50;
    • Red port: €4.00.
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