• I 5 Campanili "mixed fried seafood"with Sicilian pink shrimp, squid and baby squid, Sicilian baby shrimp, white scallop, croaker fillets, anchovies, red mullet, young courgette strips and flowers: €28.00 (the mix of the fish may vary depending on the market);
  • Red lobster, common lobster and shrimp go into our interpretation of the classical Catalan dish with datterino tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil over crisp lamb's lettuce; round slices of Tropea red onions available on request: €27.00
  • Pink Puglian prawns grilled, split in half with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil: €32.00
  • Fried turbot with sautéed vegetable noodles: €19.00
  • Prawns wrapped in grilled eggplant with puréed, confit and fresh datterino tomatoes, and feta curls and basil leaves: €21.00
  • Hot sea bass carpaccio baked in the oven, on a bed of young spinach, completed with a sprinkling of datterino tomatoes, black olives and toasted almonds : €20.00
  • Grilled scallop hearts, served on burrata cheese scattered with steamed lentils from Castelluccio di Norcia: €21.00
  • Fresh steamed cod with diced potatoes, olives, datterino tomatoes, parsley and the zest of Sorrento lemons: €17.00
  • Snapper in tuna sauce on a bed of mashed potatoes flavoured with Cetara anchovies with iceberg lettuce dressed in a passion fruit vinegar: €18.00 
Raw seafood:
  • Large plate of raw seafood: tartare of bluefin tuna, slices of bluefin tuna, salmon, snapper, shrimp, Puglian prawns, Sicilian red scampi and Boston scallop: €38.00.


  • French pré salé lamb from Normandy, boned, oven baked and sautéed in its juices served on a bed of mashed potatoes: €21.00
  • Escalope of grilled Uruguayan beef with oven-sautéed potatoes (200g cut €25.00
  • Lamb chops in a soft and crunchy breading with chopped tomatoes and basil: €18.00
  • Original Busto Arsizio tripe recipe cooked according to tradition using the five classic parts: €16.00
  • Summer tripe served at room temperature with rocket and Spello chickpeas: €16.00
  • Medallion of Fois Gras and salmon heart with a bouquet of salads and vegetables: €20.00
For those who don't eat meat or fish
  • Whole purple artichokes cooked in extra virgin olive oil and white wine, served with vegetable strips: €15.00
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