• The pride of the restaurant are the scialatielli pasta with the catch of the day(short, thick linguine-like pasta) with shrimp, scallops, prawns, cuttlefish, squid, mussels, three tomatoes and chilli flavouring: €18.00
  • Home-made tagliatelline with pink lobster pulp: €18.00
  • Hand-made macaroni (thin tubes) in a sauce using sausages from the master butchers of Norcia, with fresh pecorino cheese: €15.00
  • Three tomato paccheri pasta (large tubes), using puréed, confit and datterino tomatoes, and Ligurian basil: €14.00
  • Tagliardi (extra thin egg pasta), in a truffle and porcini cheese: €16.00
  • Garganelli pasta (short tubes) with sautéed fresh squid fillet, asparagus, tomatoes and Ligurian basil: €16.00
  • Spätzle style gnocchetti (potato dumplings) with Russian king crab and braised escarole: €15.00
House speciality for fond memories:
  • House cannelloncini (small cannelloni) with snapper, bream, cream and vegetables: €18.00
(Anyone ordering this speciality will receive a gift of a Vietri ceramic plate).

VAT and service charge included:
  • cover charge: €5.00
  • Sanpellegrino mineral water, natural or sparkling: €5.00
  • Lavazza coffee: €2.50
  • barley coffee, tea: €3.00
  • soft drinks: €5.00
  • side orders on request, according to availability
  • this restaurant uses only Italian extra virgin olive oil DOP.
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