• Six-flavour prawn tails in a delicate souffle with a coconut flavoured American bread-crumbed tempura, with potato and pastry strips which are fried and served with sweet chilli and honey sauce: €17.00
  • Grilled octopus on creamy potatoes flavoured with Iberian chorizo ​​(spicy Spanish sausage) with a crunchy caper breading: €16.00
  • Three tomato and bread soup with red and pink sautéed Sicilian shrimp: €16.00
  • Octopus and cuttlefish salad on braised fennel and carasau bread (Sardinian flat bread): €14.00
  • Steamed scallop on a vegetable mayonnaise tart: €16.00
  • Spanish cured pata negra ham on a hot potato cream: €18.00
  • Summer soup with a ginger aroma and sautéed sturgeon: €14.00
  • Tandoori of pata negra ham fillet with a parsley potato salad: €13.00
  • Club sandwich, smoked salmon, vegetables, quail eggs, mayonnaise: €16.00


Raw seafood:

  • This ceviche (raw fish and seafood marinade) is made using red Sicilian prawns, pink shrimp, bluefin tuna, scallops, salmon, and bream, seasoning it with delicate fruit and lime vinegars: €18.00

  • Rolls of bluefin tuna with Sicilian red prawns and Puglian scampi served with a sauce of fresh and dried tomatoes, basil, nuts, capers, anchovies: €16.00

  • Chopped bluefin tuna on wakame seaweed, covered with fried potato crumbs: €14.00

  • Italian deconstructed sushi, carpaccio of sea bass, nori seaweed in crumbs, wakame seaweed strips, rice with pesto, dwarf cucumbers and Japanese seasoning: €14.00

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